Evil Ninja Domination costume

You fool! You can not stop me! I am the ninja! No one, nothing can stop me!
Total Price:

  • 2-4 weeks to make
  • Natural durable cotton with density 240g/m (8.5oz)
  • In this set:
    • jacket with velcro sleeves and burlap stuffed shoulder pads
    • trousers with ties
    • revenge ninja hood and balaclava mask
    • vintage velcro gauntlets
    • small belt
  • Wash in cold water (30dg) with colour detergent

Do you like to crush golf balls with your bare fingers? You'll love it with this costume from already classical movie "Ninja 3: Domination" costume! We upgraded it for years, making it as close to movie original prop as we could.

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