Dark waraji - ninja jute sandals

Silence is the ninja's best friend.
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    Dark dyed waraji is the best for ninja image, made out of strong jute and soft enough to step without any sound. It can be worn over tabi socks (or even jika-tabi boots) or over your bare feet. Just get used a bit to ties and your ninja's absolute footwear is got.

    Black or dark waraji suits amazingly to our shinobi shozoku or any ninja costume you can get

    • 1-2 weeks to make
    • Natural jute
    • Clean with brush or wash separately from any other materials

    *Classically waraji are worn in a way that the heel is almost covered with the sole, while the toes are partly outside (though in cosplays a more contemporary variant is often used, when the sole protects fully the toes).

    Do not hesitate to ask anything about this item. My experience is at your service.

    If you want to give some specific information about your measurements please do it in the comments to your order.